Noubalm Cancer Care treatments are safe holistic therapies for men and women, which can be taken before; during or after their programme of chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Noubalm’s treatments are aimed to ease the pain, discomfort and stress of those who are living with cancer. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation can often create physical symptoms which must be dealt with on a daily basis, such as pain, anxiety, nausea, vomiting and fatigue.

We recently had a visit from a gentleman suffering with cancer and has had struggle sleeping. He was very down and upset due to the fact nothing was helping him sleep. We gave him a body massage and within seconds of the treatment he was fast asleep which brought so much joy to his wife who accompanied him to the treatment. The aromas in the room from our healing wax melts and the oils used in the treatment made him drift off into a lovely deep sleep and after the treatment he felt great. After the treatment they purchased our beauty sleep miracle soy wax candle and our beauty sleep miracle healing and wellness tea to help him sleep every night. Their daughter recently come back to visit us to purchase more of our candles and teas as after trying one from a local supermarket which didn’t have the same affect they were eager to come back and purchase more. They have recently told us he is now sleeping through every night which is so lovely to hear.

After this treatment and the benefits our products had on this gentleman it has inspired us to offer a complimentary treatment from our Noubalm cancer care menu so those effected by cancer can be taken to a place where you can escape from everyday life, stop by, unwind a while and feel a brighter version of yourself after your visit with us. So if you are or know someone living with cancer and want them to enjoy the benefit of a Noubalm Cancer Care treatment, you can now book online or pop in store and talk to one of our practitioners about the complimentary treatments you can have. Early results show that complementary therapies may help ease physical and emotional symptoms and offer a more integrated approach to healing. We use only the most gentle, all natural, hand-made, organic skin care for our bespoke cancer care treatments at Noubalm. Many patients that are stressed either physically or emotionally because of their illness find real benefit from theses therapies and develop an increased sense of well-being and an increased perception of their quality of life.

Here is a story from a client who had regular treatments with Sara after her diagnosis:

“I would Like to start by saying…there is such thing as pampering despite cancer.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and having surgery followed by chemotherapy I felt lost within myself, both numb and completely devastated. I then met Sara Williams from Noubalm who soon turned those feelings around. Having lost my hair, I started a course of stimulating scalp treatments, and within no time at all, I had a head of hair again.

Sara used her expertise and each week she would blend her aromatherapy oils, not only on my scalp but also for the way I was feeling on the day. I always felt uplifted and a much happier person on leaving her. I had my eyebrows tattooed by Sara as now my hair was starting to grow back, and importantly I now had the frame of my face back.

Since then I make regular visits to Noubalm for facials, pedicures and more, all of which I adore. Despite the cancer, Sara has made me feel human again, her talent and good nature are second to none. She has made me see the bright side of life, I feel fantastic and it is down to Sara and her caring thoughtful nature.

There were many dark days but being pampered whilst going through my treatment made days much brighter. Now, only a year on I have my identity back, I am Louise Woods again. Pampering despite cancer is the way to go to healing your mind, body and spirit, back to where it belongs.”

Louise Woods