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Enzyme Facial Peel

From: £21.50

Enzyme Facial Peel with the natural fruit enzymes: Papaya and Pineapple to smooth and purify the complexion. Whether glowing skin is what you are after, or you’re looking for an exfoliation method that is gentle, relaxing, and highly effective, our Enzyme Peel is the perfect product for you. Enzymes exfoliate dead cells and accelerate skin cell renewal. With instant results you will notice your blackheads devolve, a reduce in pores size, diminished fine lines, evened pigment discoloration, and decreased breakouts.



Softens • Removes Deep Impurities • Dissolves Blackheads • Reduces Pores • Improves Acne Prone Skin • Reduces Pigmentation • Exfoliates Dead Cells

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