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Internal Peace Box of Calm


Our Box of Calm is aimed so you can find your internal peace morning, noon and night. The complete range is to help ease stress, anxiety and depression.

Included is our box of calm :

X1 pack of wax melts

X1 pulse point oil

X1 bath and shower oil

X1 loose leaf tea

A powerful combination of products which tackle mental fatigue whilst clearing the mind and encouraging clarity of thought, easing stress, anxiety and depression.


5 reviews for Internal Peace Box of Calm

  1. The Martin Gallier Project

    Sara’s battle with anxiety was the catalyst for creating Noubalm, a truly beautiful natural clean chemical free skincare brand. Sara created a gorgeous new range called Internal Peace designed for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Her beautiful box of calm and pulse point oils can be purchased from MGP with a 35% donation coming straight back to us. We love it when locals support the project and we love supporting them in return.

  2. Jenny Q

    I absolutely LOVE the box of calm. It’s so wonderful for taking the day’s stress off, and keeps me remembering to live the “zen life”! One of my favourites by Noubalm

  3. Bev Quirk

    I received my box of calm today and it is awesome! I especially love that they are
    all aromatherapy items. It included wax melts, pulse oil, and bath oil. The loose leaf tea was just the best. I am so glad I purchased. I have now got my eye on the full size candle in the same range.

  4. Becky Quayle

    I received my first box of calm of a friend, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I loved everything in the box! And it really does work!!

  5. Sarah Gardner Hard-man

    The box of calm is my favourite. It smells amazing and really does make a difference.

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