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Magnificent Duo Wax Melt Box

From: £15.00

Noubalm luxury, soy wax melts are combined with a pure blend of pure essential oils, specifically made to promote your inner peace and outer calm. They are an all natural way to fill your home with long lasting fragrance.

  • 12 melts per box
  • Burning time 4 hours with a standard tea light


Our beautiful Magnificent Duo Set is now available in soy wax melts. The Heavenly Healing melts specifically help to uplift the mind and body, ensuring you are left feeling content and at ease, where as the Beauty Sleep melts help aid relaxation as you wind down of an evening and prepare for a blissful nights sleep.

Heavenly Healing Melts – Chamomile and Orange

Beauty Sleep Melts – Lavender and Rose

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